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24x30, Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Image Wrap Border

Yellow Mouth

24x30, Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Image Wrap Border

     Sometimes in life, timing is everything. After calling my lifelong friend and fishing buddy, Dr. Scott Haydel for weeks following a long off-season to find out if he had heard whether the trout had started to bite, I became frustrated with the fact that I needed photographs of speckled trout in order to paint. Deciding to stop at a local fish cleaning business, I was amused to discover that my “fishing buddy” had indeed had a successful morning of trout fishing (without me or prior notification). While of course happy for his extremely unusual success, I decided to memorialize the event with a painting that would remind him of the consequences of his outing without me. The colorful painting shows an almost monster-like partial face of a speckled trout prominently displaying the two fanged teeth on the upper lip that is found on most speckled trout. Also depicted is the distinctive, yellow-colored mouth of the speck - the genesis of the colloquial name - “The Yellow-Mouth”. Perhaps I will give Scott, my yellow friend, one more chance to give prior notification of his intention to go fishing, before I steal the tires from his boat trailer