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Spotty - 24x26 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Image Wrap Border - Painting by Greg Schwab


24x36, Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Image Wrap Border

     Depending upon water color, the colors of the “spotted sea trout” vary significantly. In the more brackish waters deeper inland where trout cohabitate with largemouth bass where the water color is darker than in the Gulf of Mexico, the trout seem to show off a golden, brownish yellowish tone. Regardless, the spotted sea trout tend to have an iridescence that seems to largely disappear minutes after they are boated. This painting examines the beautiful design of the spots which furnish the name to this most coveted and mild tasting fish. The piece intentionally augments the golden colors which sometimes adorn the “speckled trout”, although the blackish spots on the stark silver color of the fish is by far its trademark. The number, placement and size of the spots make each fish absolutely unique - yet another wonder when an entire ice chest full of these plentiful fish are often caught in a single fishing trip. The speckled trout is by far the favorite fish at the Schwab household and the children just can't understand why Dad can't seem to always find them on every fishing trip - a very perceptive question according to more than a few fishing buddies.