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Fallowed Field - 30x48 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Image Wrap Border

Red Tail

30x48 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Image Wrap Border

Simply, this painting is a loose representation of a redfish tail. Obviously more colorful than realistic, the four dots shown on the tail are proportionally sized and spaced from an actual redfish. Redfish tails are easily identifiable by the prominent, dark, dot most often located near the base of the tail. Most redfish seem to have a single dot, yet many redfish sport multiple marks near their tails and along their backs. The redfish tail depicted here shows four irregularly shaped dark spots, adding to the uniqueness of the tail. Like all creatures, one cannot find two identical markings - adding to the excitement of catching the next one.

Available also is a FULL SIZED ARTIST RETOUCHED GICLÉE, meaning that it has been hand retouched by the artist himself. This Artist Retouched Giclée has been retouched with the same acrylic paints and brushes as the original directly by the artist who created it. This unparalleled reproduction is as close to the original as possible and each is unique.
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