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Rat Red - 16x16 Acrylic on Stretched Gallery Wrap Canvas - Painting by Greg Schwab

Rat Red

16x36, Acrylic on Stretched Gallery Wrap Canvas

     A young redfish has a distinct shape. When still a child, fishing in the shallow pools created by a falling tide on “Last Island” off the Louisiana Coast in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico produced a small but still powerful redfish. The adult walking next to me in the ankle deep water advised that I had caught a “rat red”. I wondered if the “rat red” was a different kind of redfish. Indeed the name “rat red” was given to the young, small redfish by someone before our time. The redfish is in the same family as a drum fish and the young fish look very similar in shape to all sorts of fish in the “drum” family. The painting was made of a young redfish caught in early 2009 while fishing a “secret spot” south of Larose (call for exact location and coordinates anytime) of a fishing buddy who swears that he usually caught more fish than we did at that very secret location. It is important to note that we were actually fishing for bass when the fish was caught at this super secret spot which I would be happy to share with anyone of course, south of Larose, Louisiana.