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Daddy Gobbler - 24x36 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Image Wrap Border

Daddy Gobbler

24x36 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Image Wrap Border

        The dominance of the big Tom is irrefutable. Here this majestic Tom boldly professes his status. It is no doubt a perfect tribute to the strength and caring love of fathers that this painting was inspired and created while at the “Double Down” hunting camp owned by a cousin of the artist, Donald Paul Schwab and Kevin Brien. The weekend was made in honor of the fathers of the two best friends, both of whom accompanied the owners to the hunting camp for the weekend in Natchez Mississippi. Kevin’s father affectionately referred to as “Super D” and Donald Schwab, Sr. both strutted their stuff while crooning loudly to the likes of Hank Williams, Jr.’s “A Country Boy Can Survive” - almost until sunrise. The artist, an avid and serious hunter, who had to paint into the night in order to finish this painting in one weekend, initially caught a bit of joking from his fellow hunters, who were not used to having “painters” in their hunting camps. However, during the night the discussion turned to the issue of those individuals in life that are passionate about their vocation. The discussion soon turned to the unmistakable wisdom of doing what comes naturally as a key to contentedness in life (and the service to humanity intended for us by our God). After certain changes and finishing touches to the big bird, all seemed to agree that the big Tom would have its place at the hunting camp forever, while the artist contemplated an addition to his profession to include painting.
        There is beauty to be captured in life!
“Splendor and majesty are before him; strength and joy in his dwelling place.”
1 Chronicles 16:26-28